Monday, January 28, 2008

January 23

1/23/08: Wednesday, 8:00 AM. -12, barometer predicts partly cloudy skies. Wind calm. Skies mostly cloudy with mixed white and gray clouds, some puffy, some wispy. The sun is shining through on the horizon. There is no fog, and the morning ferry to La Pointe is moving slowly across the frozen channel, a second ferry about a quarter mile behind. They move quite slowly, they are probably pushing flowing ice, like ice cubes in a pitcher of iced tea. They look like a caravan moving across the white sands of the Sahara rather than hips.
5:00 PM just got back from walking the beach with Lucky, it wasn't a good idea. I was dressed warm enough but the dog was practically immobilized by the cold, the first time I have ever seen him react like that. On the porch it is -5, and probably -10 or even ---15 at the beach. Just too cold, he is not a young dog. Come to think of it, in dog years we are equals exactly. The day was pretty and the evening sky is spectacular, the northeast and east sky pink, purple and everything in between, colored by the setting sun. In winter I think our best sunsets are in th east rather the west. The sky is clear so it will get really cold tonight.

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